The Meeple Report: The One About Adventure, Danger, Foodtrucks and Dino Ranches

The Meeple Report for the month of May 2015.

Welcome to a new edition of The Meeple Report. Another month has come and gone – and here we are with a May edition. So here are a few things you may want to have on your radar:





The Siblings Trouble Kickstarter
has less then a week left. Readers of The Inquisitive Meeple may know that I posted an interviewed with designer, Eudardo Baraf (aka Edo) around the middle of April (Eduardo Baraf on the Siblings Known as Trouble). The Siblings Trouble was inspired by backyard/hometown adventures of the Hardy Boys, The Goonies and even the Nintendo game, Pikmin. The idea is the world is a great big adventure – and so in the game you play as 1 of 4 siblings going on an adventure. The game is a cooperative storytelling game. One of the more interestining factors about the game is that you can approach the game multiple ways – you can make it a non-violent adventure with your kids, or have the kids fight the monsters that they meet – it all depends on how you want to use your creativity.  Now I haven’t played the game yet but I can’t wait to do so with my kids. This game seems like a great game to play with the family – but as the designers, and play testers can attest to – you can also play with with adults only and still enjoy the game.

Another aspect to note is the beautiful art that really can capture the imagination being done (and each card has a its own art) by the amazingly talent Adam Dix. I mean check this out:

If I seem pretty hyped on this game, I really am. This game comes across as something different in our space not only theme wise, but gameplay wise (especially if you don’t play RPG’s or want something super short game with adventurous co-operative play storyelling)  and it is something that you can share with your kids – making stories they will remember as they grow up. This comes across not just as another board game that I can play with my family – but one that we will make specific memories with. (A quick note on that – the designers are working on a variant you can use to tell stories to your little ones that are not quite old enough to play – as talked about in this recent Kickstarter update). 

As mentioned above, the Kickstarter only has a few days left less than a week in fact. The game has already funded, but I would love to see what Edo’s plans are for unnamed stretch goals and meet the Mystic Waters goal (a new location for the game – even more adventure!) – would be really cool. Any new locations would just add to the gameplay even more. Please, if you haven’t checked it out – at least give the Kickstarter page the once over (or twice over, if you glanced before).

In other news:

Two Kickstarter realunches you may want to keep in mind coming this May are Foodtown Throwdown and Dino Dude Ranch.

The first, Foodtown Throwdown is a filler-card game with a dash of humor, where players craft some recipes with crazy ingredients to be first to win 10 stars (VP). Back in January, I interviewed the designer, Ben Pierro (also the artist behind The Meeple Report banner). Which can be found here: Ben Pierro Discusses Foodtown Throwdown.The new relaunch should be hitting Kickstarter May 12th.

The second, is a dinosaur game that you can play with your kids – where you run a dude ranch for dinosaurs. “In Dino Dude Ranch, players roll custom dice each turn in order to collect resources used to capture dinosaurs from the Jurassic Hunting Grounds. After dinosaurs are captured from the hunting grounds, new dinosaurs are randomly selected to replace them. Players continue to collect resources and purchase dinosaurs until all of the dinosaurs have been captured from the Jurassic Hunting Grounds or until one rancher has completely filled their ranch. Players’ ranches will be filled faster if they roll tar pits during resource collection. These tar pits not only take up precious space that could be used for housing dinosaurs but they are also worth negative points at the end of the game.”  A little while back I interviewed the designer, Dan Letzring. That interview can be found here: Yee-Haw! Dan Letzring on his Dino Dude Ranch. I should mentioned that since our interview, they have upgraded the layout for the game, making it look more professional. The Kickstarter re-launch is currently planned for May 19th.

Finally, really quick for you designers out there – The Game Crafter recently announced they now have meeple stickers, as you can see in the video below. You can now make your prototypes even more snazzier.

Meeple in May

So, what do we have in store for May, as far as interviews? Some of the interviews we are working on are:

As always, we hope you enjoy the upcoming interviews.

Thanks for reading and stay inquisitive!

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