Keeping Score

Fairway’s current overall score: five under par.

Hole Sum up Score
Dino Dude Ranch Dino Dude Ranch should appeal to anyone looking for a light game. While anyone can enjoy feeding a cute triceratops to a T-Rex and should make it to an adult table, it has a definite, family-gamer feel. Birdie
Ion Ion is a good, little game for teachers and parents with an interest in science education and for anyone who enjoys chemistry or science-themed games. Par
Elements Elements is a good, little game for those looking for a physical, multiplayer replacement for games like Little Alchemy. Elements is a satisfyingly complete, light alchemy game that can be used for a light filler. One over
Resistor_ Resistance is futile. Resistor_ (don’t forget the underscore) is a quick, two-player romp through a 1980’s cyberwar. Players are one of two competing computer systems. Each system tries to annihilate the other by sending colored signals along the game’s ever-changing wired connections. Fairway reviews this Kickstarter-funded game. Birdie
Exoplanets Exoplanets by Board & Dice (and soon to be published by Greater than Games) is a two to four player, solar system building game set around a distant sun. Players place planets in orbits around the sun, collect resources, and attempt to establish life. Fairway reviews this Kickstarter-funded game. Birdie
Bomb Squad What do you get when you combine Robot Turtles, Hanabi and a timer? Bomb Squad 💣 by Tasty Minstrel Games. Bomb Squad is real-time, cooperative game for two to six players. Players are members of an elite, bomb-defusing, hostage-saving team. Using just their robot, they race against the clock in order to save the day and defeat the terrorists. Par
World’s Fair 1893 Turn back the clocks. No, it’s not Fall yet. But Fairway takes Foxtrot Games and Renegade Games Studio’s World’s Fair 1893 for a ride. Don’t worry readers of The Devil in the White City, this is not a survival or player elimination game. Instead, gather your supporters, collect your Midway Tickets, approve attractions, and earn points in this well-tuned, area of control game. Check out whether Fairway has fun, or gets sick, riding the 80m high Ferris Wheel in this review of a recent Kickstarter delivery. Eagle
Steam Works Fairway’s a lawyer, not a mechanical engineer. But this week, he takes on the machine-building, worker-placement game, Steam Works, by Tasty Minstrel Games and manages not to make any machines explode. Birdie
Barnyard Round Up Put your chickens in the coop, herd your sheep, and round up your cattle. Fairway previews Druid City Games’s Barnyard Roundup, a no-frills, bluffing game for families and gamers. Barnyard Round is headed for Kickstarter on July 15th, 2016. See whether city-slicker Fairway can bluff his way onto the farm. Par