Seal of Excellence

The Inquisitive Meeple Seal of Excellence is given to games that we highly recommend.

Rhino Hero(Ages 5+ / 2-5 players / HABA Games)  

The game awarded our first seal of excellence, may have come with children’s game company HABA, but that doesn’t mean adults cannot enjoy it. A great dexterity game, that works with mixed ages and is fast enough that you will want to play multiple times in a row. Great family game.

World’s Fair 1893  – (Ages 10+ / 2-4 players / Foxtrot Games & Renegade Games)

Don’t miss out on this Foxtrot Game, the published quality, art and attention to history should definitely be noted. However the gameplay outshines even those. Works great as a 2-player game for those of you that may be wondering.